About Us

Geneva10 is unlike other 3PL providers; our relationship doesn’t end once you sign a contract — that’s just the beginning! Our focus is on making your transition as smooth as possible and setting you up for success from the start.
One of the biggest complaints we hear from clients is the poor level of customer service they have experienced with other 3PLs. Issues including lack of communication, not taking care of the products, failure to ship in a timely manner, and impersonal service are common.

At Geneva10, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional service at all times. Our account coordinators strive to bridge the gap between the vendor/manufacturer and the warehouse, making sure that customer needs are met along the way. From coordinating shipments in advance to providing tracking information and following up on special requests, we work with you directly throughout all stages of the shipping process.

Even under the best of circumstances, mistakes can happen. We believe that good customer service means being attentive — even if that means delivering bad news. We’ll always get back to you with an answer, and the word “no” rarely comes up in our vocabulary.. You aren’t just a client to us; you’re a partner, and we’ll always do our best to maintain that relationship. It’s a personal approach that sets us apart from the competition.

Group of 11 people from our Sparks, NV location