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Amazon Prepares for Antitrust Lawsuit

Most people associate the word “monopoly” with a board game in which you buy up real estate and collect $200 every time you pass Go. But for Amazon, the word has more sinister tones; the ecommerce giant is preparing for an antitrust fight that could mean big changes...

Why Inventory Management is Crucial

In 1999, Hershey’s lost an estimated $100 million in sales because they were unable to deliver Kisses and Jolly Ranchers to stores in time for Halloween. A dozen years later, Best Buy couldn’t keep up with consumer demand during the busy Christmas shopping season and...

Mark Becker Recognized as a 2024 Wisconsin Titan 100

Each year, the Wisconsin Titan 100 program recognizes the state’s most accomplished business leaders in their industry. Geneva10 President/CEO Mark Becker is the honored recipient of a 2024 Wisconsin Titan 100 award.  Titan 100 recipients embody the diversity of...


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